BA ( Hons / Research )


The three year under graduation program, Bachelor of Arts is not a subject specific course and majorly deals in with Humanities, Social Sciences and Liberal Arts.

This program unlocks diverse paths for the students to pursue their higher degrees and plum for a specification. The course brings in broader understanding of the functioning of the government, the drafting of policies, the working of human society, the language cognition of the brain and the historical shaping of the world around usat a much more profound level.

Specialization in BA

» B.A. ( Psychology ) - Psychology is a behavioral science inculcated with a zeal to heal. The course offered with specialization is a key to explore mental and emotional health of society and homo-sapiens. it leads us to a widend panorama of job with sensitization.

» B.A. ( History )- The Bachelor of Arts in History is a 3 year (6 semester) degree program, Where we teach about Various aspects of Indian History along with World history. The Curriculum is of course designed as per the regulations of NEP-2020 and It is effective in arousing students' interest in Past and developing their understanding of history.

» B.A. ( Sociology ) - The program Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology is the ladder to inculcate the spirit of social work. The course helps in developing a sociological imagination to make sense of the reality in a more comprehensive manner. It enhances the ability to make interconnections between individuals and the course of social life.

» B.A. ( Political Science ) - The undergraduate B.A Political Science degree is a 3-year course that studies the theory and application of politics, political systems, and the government. You will get a chance to study the social, economic and political life of people in the nation and at a global level, learning about political values, processes, policies, and institutions. The Curriculum is of course designed as per the regulations of NEP-2020.

»  B.A. ( English Literature ) - The undergraduate journey in English Literature is a three-year adventure that invites students to traverse the vast landscapes of literary expression. As an explorer in this realm, you'll engage with the written word from the earliest English narratives to the vibrant tapestry of modern prose and poetry. The course invites you to examine the intricate relationship between literature and the human condition, providing insights into the collective experiences and individual voices that have shaped literary discourse. Designed with the innovative spirit of the NEP-2020, this program offers a holistic and nuanced education that equips you to appreciate, critique, and contribute to the literary canon with a deeply human touch.


  •   Prospective students should have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board.
  •   A Minimum of 60% marks in 10+2 as qualifying criteria to secure admission in this course.
  •   Qualifying and fulfilling the cut off marks of SAGE university entrance exam.

 3 Yrs    6 Sem     30

Career Opportunities :

  •  Clinical settings (Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, NGOs)
  •  Organizational/Industrial settings
  •  Counselling and educational settings
  •  Legal and forensic settings
  •  Sports and military settings
  •  Research areas
  •  Archaeologist
  •  Museology (Study of museum)
  •  Museum curators
  •  Archivists
  •  Historians
  •  History experts
  •  Teachers
  •  Civil services.(Union and State Level Exams)
  •  Banking Etc.
  •  Translator
  •  Content Writer
  •  Cultural Trainers
  •  Interpreter
  •  Jobs at International Organization and foreign mission.

Syllabus & Scheme :

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