BA LLB ( Hons.)


Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Legislative Law BA LLB ( Hons) is a five-year undergraduate program. It includes various disciplines such as History, Political Science and Sociology along with Civil Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law etc. This program is divided into 10 Semesters in accordance with the rules and regulations of UGC and BCI. In each semester there is two mid semester test i.e. MST-1 and MST-2 and an assignment work (written) in each semester.

On successful completion of the program students will acquire adequate knowledge, Communication Skills, Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance ,Professional Ethics, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Moot court exercise besides achieving remarkable improvement in their overall personality. BA LLB (Hons) graduate will be able to pursue a wide range of higher education courses in different fields ranging from management, Business law, journalism and mass communication, arts and humanities etc.

The degree is suitable for students with a general interest in law and who are a civil service aspirant and want to find out more about it before deciding on a particular vocation. This course also provides a thorough understanding of court management. The course teaches the students how to maintain Law and order in the society. Candidates willing to pursue career in Law can choose this field as there’s a lot of job prospects in this course.


  •  The Candidates can pursue BA LLB (Hons) Programme right after completing the 10+2 class with any stream.
  •  Admission to the BA LLB (Hons) Degree Program is purely on the basis of merit as assessed through a Sage Entrance Exam (SEE) conducted for the purpose.

 5 Years     10 Sem     30

Career Opportunities :

    Law offers a wide range of career options for students. Many opportunities are available in the present times for a Law post graduate like:-

  •   Public Sector as well as Private Sectors
  •   Legal Advisor in Law Firms
  •   Practicing lawyer
  •   Compete Judicial Services Examinations
  •   Consultant in legal matters
  •   Appointed as Public Prosecutor
  •   Join politics because of public contacts
  •   NGOs are needy of the service of Paralegal Services Advisor
  •   Law Expert
  •   Join International agencies like UNO, ILO, and ICJ
  •   Judge Advocate General (JAG)

Syllabus & Scheme :

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