A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between SAGE University Bhopal and Jain Engineers Society, Bhopal Chapter on 21st June 2022. Jain Engineers Society has 30 chapters across India and also overseas. Bhopal JES Chapter is a group of well qualified engineers and architects from year 1960 to 2020 batches from different branches and renowned colleges. The members have wide experience in Government, Private, Public Sector, Industry and Business as well.

The MOU will mainly focus on Counselling (Career and Psychological). In addition we would facilitate students in the entire admission process according to the stream selected. We also intend to conduct motivational session for both students and parents.

We believe that career development is a lifelong process. There are a number of factors that influence career development, including interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances. Our Career Counseling process will help the participants to know and understand their own self and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.The goal of Career Counseling is to not only help make the decisions, but to give the knowledge and skills to make future career and life decisions.We hope to have a fruitful collaboration with Jain Engineers Society and contribute our part to the society and country at large.