Crime Scene investigation of Fire and Arson Cases with Insurance Perspective

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ABOUT Workshop

In terms of public interest and significance toward the administration of justice, forensic science is a diverse and interdisciplinary field that is rapidly expanding. The term "arson" can be defined as "fire lit with criminal intent" or "malicious fire." The deliberate lighting of fire on one's own or someone else's property with the intention of claiming insurance and causing financial loss or damage to property is also considered arson. Any act intended to defraud an insurance company by receiving improper compensation or benefits is considered insurance fraud. Protection misrepresentation can be committed by any individual who works with an insurance agency such as policyholders, medical care suppliers, merchants, and even workers or delegates of an insurance agency. While there are many types of protection extortion, there are a few normal strategies: Arson (deliberate property-fire setting), staged accidents, claims for incidents or services that never occurred, inflated or padded claims, inflated prices from vendors, misreporting or omitting information on a claim, and more than 50,000 vehicle and structure fires occur annually, according to reports from the National Fire Protection Association. These flames cause around $1 billion loss due to direct property harm only. This workshop will provide insight for the students' efficient analysis and investigation of arson cases involving insurance claims.

Who should attend..

The workshop will be fruitful to faculty members, research scholars, students and Entrepreneurs.

Why to attend..

The workshop aims to enhance the knowledge and critical thinking skills of the participants for effective analysis of arson crime scenes. The participants will be able to identify the features of insurance fraud effectively