SAGE Winter School

SAGE Winter School offers a mammoth scale of overall development to each participating student. It is an initiative by the SAGE University to offer skill enhancement and experienced learning to students in order to up skill the seeker inside them. Some of the USP’s of the program are as follows:-

  • Learning from highly qualified and experienced faculty members not only from the SAGE University Bhopal but also from the experts of the respective domains from all over India.
  • Modern teaching methodologies.
  • Gaining all the information from around and about all the current trends of the industry.
  • Exposure to different programs in order to help students to discover and decide their career paths from the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology, Applied Medical Sciences, Business, Management, Arts, etc.

E-Learning Guidelines and Requirements

Students enrolled in SAGE Winter School are responsible for their actions during the course. All online students are expected to adhere to the eLearning guidelines listed below.

  • Students should have access to a computer with a proper internet connection and required technology during their assigned courses.
  • All the courses require a computer with high-speed internet, speakers, word processing capabilities, and video streaming capabilities.
  • The information on an internet web site may be inaccurate or biased. Try to verify the information using other sources. Follow the instructed guidelines available on the websites.
  • Be respectful to everyone including the people you are associated with the course. You must not seek or send images, sounds, or messages.
  • You can report your instructor about any undesirable or inappropriate message or request which is received or encountered that makes you feel uncomfortable during the course.
  • Respect copyright and trademarks. Don’t use the words or pictures that you see on an internet site without giving credit to the person who produced the information originally. You must not copy text or pictures from the internet.
  • Avoid spamming and the use or propagating chain letters and other e-mail debris to any email address you get to know during the course.
  • Its student’s responsibility to meet all personal deadlines (if any) regardless of the network availability.
  • Notify your instructor if you wish to be absent for an extended period of time or wish to withdraw from the online course.

Upcoming SAGE Winter School