SAGE School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communications is the field to showcase and utilizes a creative talent in most pertinent manner to nation building. Through skill and knowledge based programmes Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass communications ( B.A - J.M.C) and Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications( M.A - J.M.C), SAGE University Bhopal offers a UGC recommended, Learning outcome based curriculum framework (revision of curriculum at regular intervals) with Choice Based Credit System  where student can get a multidimensional and practical  approach   to  the  basic concept in media education. 

Programme Objective for Bachelors:-

       To inculcate knowledge and fundamentals of communication in the students and sharpen the Written and Spoken Communication, Photography, Videography, Creative Writing Skills essential for various media platforms .To encourage Critical thinking, Research aptitude, Ethics and Social Responsibility related to media in the students.

Programme Objective for Masters:-

    The Master Program in Journalism and Mass Communication is aimed to meet ever growing demand of Journalism and Mass Communication professionals with media exposure. It also help to create expertise in concerned domain related to the field.