SAGE School of Engineering and Technology

The engineering programs at SAGE UNIVERSITY have a stimulating and accessible course of study necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global and social context, analysis and contemporary engineering issues which the students can develop and apply in their near future. The programs create an opportunity for students with different abilities and different educational experiences to benefit intellectually and vocationally from their education in engineering courses.

The programs starts with fundamentals of engineering principles and professional practices that forms a strong, flexible base and enables graduates to fill a variety of responsible engineering position and leads to specialized development in one area of concentration that will enable graduates to successfully perform at entry–level engineering position.




The mission of the Department of Engineering Technology is to prepare professionals for innovation and leadership careers in the global industrial marketplace, for the purpose of positively contributing to the well-being of the economy. This mission is fulfilled by:

  • Providing student-centered programs which ensure that graduates are accomplished in technical expertise, business practices, industrial management, teaming, communication and leadership skills, lifelong learning, social awareness and ethical responsibility.
  • Engaging in applied research and developing partnerships with multiple stakeholders as a means of providing solutions to industrial problems and/or effecting enhancements in pedagogy.
  • Providing a premiere graduate program that fosters professional development and applied research skills.