SAGE School of Engineering and Technology

Master of Technology (M.Tech)


M.Tech in Robotics and Mechatronics is a 2 year postgraduate program which involve automation, robotics engineering, and contexts and environments of robot-creation on an advanced level. The curriculum, several different robotics specialties such as Industrial Robotics, Robotics Theory, Healthcare Robotics, Aerospace Robotics, Computer Software Robotics, Automotive Robotics and others.

The course covers important aspects of modern robotics such as Autonomous Systems, Field Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Mobile Robots, Embedded Systems, Modeling and Control Systems. Along with design and construction, the branch also deals with the operation, structural disposition, manufacture, and application of robots.

Carrer Oppurtunities

  •  Robotics Engineer
  •  Robotics Programmer
  •  Aerospace Engineer
  •  Automation Engineer

Course Fees

  • Indian Student - 90000/-
  • Foreign Student - 2600
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