SAGE School of Engineering and Technology

Master of Technology (M.Tech)


M.Tech in Remote Sensing and Wireless Sensor Network, a two year postgraduate program, is a multi-disciplinary course that integrates very diverse technologies like conventional remote sensing through satellite, in situ remote sensing, using wireless sensor network, wireless communication technology using software defined radio and geographical information systems. Remote sensing through wireless sensor networks has provided an additional dimension other than that through satellite technology.

The basic course begins with a strong foundation in mathematics which is then strengthened by courses in image processing, pattern recognition, sensor technology, remote sensing, wireless networking and geographical information systems. Whether through airborne and space borne devices or through thousands of land based wireless sensor networks, remote sensing has given a new perspective to the global environment by collecting data for monitoring, analyzing and using it for decision making.

Carrer Oppurtunities

  •  Geoscientists
  •  Oceanographer
  •  GIS Analyst
  •  Technical Consultant

Course Fees

  • Indian Student - 90000/-
  • Foreign Student - 2600
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