Sage School of Performing Arts

Master of Performing Arts (MPA/MFA)


Master of Arts in Music is a 2 year post graduate course, eligibility to which is a graduation degree with honors in Music or Music as one of the subjects studied in graduation from a reputed institute. The duration is divided into four semesters. The course is a mandate for conducting any kinds of research involving music with the govt. and also for further studies.

MA in Music course provides an overview of the history and the origins of different kinds of the music as we practice it today. It shows us the proper roots of our music along with giving us intense time and exposure to know and practice music in all of its formats.

Carrer Oppurtunities

  •  Music Manager in Orchestra/Band
  •  Performing Artist
  •  Music Composer
  •  Music Director
  •  Playback Singer

Course Fees

  • Indian Student - 30000/-
  • Foreign Student - 900
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