Sage School of Design

Master of Design (M. Des.)


This post graduation course for duration of two years is about redefining and redesigning management processes, strategies and leadership paradigms through strategic design interventions. The Strategic Design Management programme seeks to use, embed and innovatively apply the design based creative, empathic, integrative, systemic, synergetic, holistic and human centric skills and approaches to business, organizational and management processes, tools and techniques to make them more efficient, effective and efficacious. It envisages creating professionals who are balanced in the heart, head and hands and thereby have the ability to understand and serve from the rural to the urban, local to the global, crafts to corporate, private to public, individual to social, self to culture, proprietary to governmental, logical, jobs to entrepreneurship sectors.

The courses range from the basics in design and management to design research, social behavior, cognitive neuroscience, multi-sensory processes, entrepreneurship, playfulness, designing strategies, aesthetic appreciation, behavioral economics to neuro-marketing, experience design, design audit to service and systems design, creative strategic leadership that ultimately lead to an ability to design contextually effective strategies, policies, business processes, tools and techniques for any and all sectors.

Carrer Oppurtunities

  •  Graphic Designer
  •  Interior Designer
  •  Illustrator
  •  Aesthetic Designer

Course Fees

  • Indian Student - 100000/-
  • Foreign Student - 2900
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