SAGE School of Management

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


MBA in Information Technology Management is a two year course which is focused on developing leaders in the business world who not only are adept at managing current technology but also understand how to adapt to its rapid changes within the workplace. The students are taught to advance their knowledge across multiple technologies and focus on innovation as a means of leadership. They learn about managerial economics, such as supply and demand, production technology, costs and operation of markets.

They are taught about the use of technological tools and systems to address these areas. The course intends to produce business professionals with sound knowledge and experience of various aspects of the IT Industry.

Carrer Oppurtunities

  • The career options available in this skill full and technical course include:
  •  Information Technology Systems Analysis
  •  IT Operations Manager
  •  IT Management Security
  •  Infrastructure and Hardware
  •  IT Project manager

Course Fees

  • Indian Student - 95000/-
  • Foreign Student - 2800
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