SAGE University - Indore

Where technology, innovation and entrepreneurship come together to create a dynamic learning environment. Learning for employment is key at SAGE. SAGE University is the top innovative university in central India that not only helps you to dream, but also drives you, motivates you and gears you up to bring in that very essential component called changes that makes our tomorrow better.

SAGE has a vision to nurture intellectual capital through the center of excellence which is governed by best practices in quality education and mission to strive and pursue with the commitment and dedication using the technological advancements and motivated team the path that leads the fulfillment of the vision.

Future is the dream we all pursue, a dream of a better lifestyle, quality life, better amenities, infrastructure, facilities and so on, but, only a few of us strive today to bring in the changes tomorrow and that is where we are different. Here at SAGE we have a futuristic approach to fulfill your dreams under the umbrella of SAGE.

SAGE University has been established by an Act of State Government of Madhya Pradesh, notified by the Higher Education Department, State Government of M.P., in the Ordinary Gazette of M.P. SAGE UNIVERSITY is located in the lush green environment away from hustle & bustle at the hill top in Indore.

18 Years of Excellence

Begin with one engineering college now we are a pioneer in Education sector

SAGE University - Bhopal

SAGE University Bhopal aims to provide an impeccable academic scenario in the city of lakes where students will gain a greater heart for humanity and a mindset of individual growth. Thought-provoking learning ignites change in each individual and the world hence SAGE University Bhopal is committed to providing the best facilities for all students and investing for improvements that will secure their future. Following the legacy of SAGE University Indore, SAGE University Bhopal also has the same objective.

Bhopal is an Educational Hub for students across the country. At Sage University Bhopal we are pampering various choice in every field. It gives lifelong learning opportunities for all our students

The total cost of studying and living in Bhopal is generally lower than most cities which offer internationally recognized and quality assured study programmes.

Sage University Bhopal has beautiful buildings and different blocks for different activities which offers an easily reached by flights, train and roadways.

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