Sage School of Computer Application

The future of Computing rests here. The departmentís mission is to advance, evolve and enhance the fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering to build the intellectual capital of the society. The school endeavorís to be an import ant regional, national, and international resource center for the development of Computing and its applications. The school boasts a vibrant student body of undergraduate and postgraduate students and a stellar faculty of professors and lecturers.

The School of Advance Computing endeavors to meet the challenges of changing technology and industry. The USP of the school is as follows:

» The school is equipped with a talented pool of faculty members and state of the art infrastructure. Besides offering basic computing facilities, the school has established advanced laboratories housing high end workstations, networking equipments and specialized software for all specialized courses.
» Our research exists in the areas of systems, software, networking, databases, security, and foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, and scientific computing. Besides basic research, interdisciplinary work on applications that stimulate basic research has been undertaken by the school.
» Our Computer Science labs are designed in such a manner that the computer science program orients students toward the pragmatic aspects of computer science and provides the learning and practices to make them proficient computing professionals.
» The faculties of the department are focused in their research domains such as Software Defined Networking, Biometrics & Bio-Informatics, Data Mining and Big Data Analytics, Wireless & Mobile Computing, Security & Trust Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, IOT, Soft Computing, Image Processing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Natural Language, Processing and Regional Computing, Cloud Computing and Social Networking, Service, Oriented Architecture and Theoretical Computer Science.