SAGE School of Engineering and Technology

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)


B.Tech (Mechatronics Engineering) is a 4- year undergraduate program.programMechatronics engineering is a diverse branch of engineering that covers various fields engineering and Sciences such as mechanics, electronics, computers and controls. It involves the study of the moving parts that drive robots, electronics, and machines. It primarily focuses on developing novel products based on mechatronic principles. Candidates are taught about electronic and mechanical systems, process control and instrumentation, and robots for manufacturing.

Mechatronics engineering is the study of the interface between mechanical engineering and electronics. As a broad academic discipline, it embraces mechanical engineering, manufacturing, electronics and computer technology.

Career Oppurtunities

  •  Robotics Engineer
  •  Scientist/Research Engineer
  •  Control Systems Engineer
  •  Automation Engineer
  •  Automation Systems Designer
  •  Machine Designer

Course Fees

  • Indian Student - 90000/-
  • Foreign Student - 2600
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