Sage School of Design

Bachelor of Design (B. Des.)


This four year bachelor program in apparel design is focused on the design of clothes and builds in eligible candidates a foundation in design and fashion towards creating competent and professional designers and managers in the field of fashion. Its curriculum's core-content consists of an integrated approach to design, technology, management and communication.

The course's focus is on providing candidates greater exposure to the complexities and nuances of different segments of the Apparel Industry. Designers learn to integrate design elements within appropriate social, cultural, ethical and environmental contexts. The course provides an integrated approach to design rather than producing specialists, and is flexible with a broad range of skills allowing them to work across a wide range of design disciplines.

Career Oppurtunities

  •  Costume/Apparel Designer
  •  Personal Stylist
  •  Fashion Show Organiser
  •  Fashion Assistant

Course Fees

  • Indian Student - 95000/-
  • Foreign Student - 2800
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