About SAGE School of Design

Sage School of Design is a prominent department under Sage University, Bhopal. It is about creating your ideas into reality. At the School of Design, the students are trained to visualize, idealize and create the connection of design fundamentals. Appreciating the origin of handcrafted work this school creates a blissful relation of the design society and the young minds aspiring to become designers. Here we train students to understand the value of hard labour behind every design and product. Our program objective is to develop creative leaders who can collaborate to create a strategically sustainable culture of innovation & design in the industry.

The mission of the Design program at SAGE University is to provide educational leadership that can shape the 21st century. Also, to bridge the disciplines of design, business, and allied disciplines in order to catalyse innovation. The students are provided with the guidance of industry experts and exposure trips to manufacturing units as well as workshops where they can witness the change being created and implement them in their techniques in their quest in becoming better designers. Innovative laboratories, liberty of teaching approach, rewarding one’s skills through exhibitions and competitions are some of the added advantages of the school that offers the best of a fashion designing course in Bhopal and is forever dedicated to providing for the holistic development of its students.


To be recognized for leadership in the World of Design by advancing design excellence in an evolving sustainable environment, promoting human health and wellness, and cultivating responsibility to society while applying design thinking to the issues that confront local and global communities.


To foster a culture that values and collaboration at all levels of the university: across disciplines; among faculty, staff, and students; with other universities and institutions; and those we serve.

To celebrate our own uniqueness combined with an awareness and respect of local and global values and beliefs.

To nurture ingenuity throughout all areas of the university by creating a culture that encourages excellence, risk-taking, and an open-minded approach to challenges, while also recognizing and rewarding emerging talent and ingenuity.


    Pedagogies –

  •  Embrace pedagogies which are interaction oriented.
  •  Encourage the development of problem-solving skills, traditional literacy skills, critical thinking skills and research skills.
  •  Interdisciplinary flexibility while maintaining the integrity of tradition fields of study.

  • Architectural –

  •  The campus is more accessible and easier to use for all types of students and adjuncts (lockers, parking, computer access)
  •  Travelling around campus is more pleasant and interesting.
  •  Facilities are designed with faculty, students, and stuff input as well as professional design.
  • Academic Community–

  •  Availability of separate informal faculty spaces.
  •  Spaces designed for formal and informal extracurricular academic interactions between faculty and students.
  •  Department with separate dedicated space for both for scheduled activities and informal unscheduled uses.

HOS Message :


Dr Swati A. Sharma

SAGE School of Design

Dear Members of the SAGE Design Community
As a leading institution in the education and research, SAGE School of Design too takes a serious interest in safeguarding and enhancing the sheer talent and passion that thrives within our community
Design is a discipline built on problem seeking and solving. Sometimes we don't have to look very far for problems; other times, like now, they are thrust upon us. We will be remote from each other by circumstance, but together by choice of our shared interests in design, and how we might learn from each other through adversity and opportunity. We have an advantage here as designers, all of us. This is what we do. We design the products, communications, and environments for positive experiences. We design for interactions and services and sociability. We identify problems, and we work in creative, collaborative ways to prototype our ideas, test them, and find meaningful solutions.
No matter what field of design you're interested in, the SAGE School of Design will give you a strong framework on which you can build a successful career. You can develop your individual voice and vision by applying what you learn through internships that connect you with professionals in your chosen field. But we also face broader questions of how people will design and create space in a world where space and coexistence can be feared as dangers.

Advisory Board :

Dr Sushma Srivastava

Ph.D. in Contemporary Textile Printing of Malwa region (Bhairogarh, Bagh, Indore and Ujjain)

Mr. Nitin Kanade

Founder & CEO at SKYZZ Apparels Pune, Maharastra