HBS Online Fees After SAGE Scholarship


HBS Fee: $1050

Fee After SAGE Scholarship: $790

Note: The USD-INR Exchange Rate is based on last 3 month's average Global Currency Exchange Rate (@75.5) and is subject to change as per market rates.

While proceeding for payment the USD to INR conversion at the mentioned rate will automatically be displayed.

Terms & Conditions

🎓 I understand that the fees for the course are paid in advance and are non-refundable.

🎓 I understand that I shall have to go through the HBSO course schedule and complete all the requirement to earn the certificate.

🎓 I declare that the information I'm providing in the form is correct and based on facts.

🎓 After successful payment invoice will be send on your registered email id in two working days.

By applying, I adhere the above Terms & Conditions and authorize HBSO & SAGE representative to contact me via phone and/or email. This will override registry on DND/NDNC.

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