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About SAGE School of Design

Every animal big or small has a knack for design and there have been documental proof of tiny fishes creating marvelous gigantic designs in sea beds simply to attract a mate. Human beings with their superiority of thought processes are capable of creating complex and useful designs for all purpose and this skill, when honed creates ripples of sensation and ease for fellow humans.

Our goal at SAGE School of Design is to help you use design to make change where you are. Sage School of Designing is different from usual

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as we provide you with the latest technology to get the best of practical knowledge of the domain to polish the designer within you. The students are provided with the guidance of industry experts and exposure trips to manufacturing units as well as workshops where they can witness the change being created and implement them in their techniques in their quest in becoming better designers. Innovative laboratories, liberty of teaching approach, rewarding one's skills through exhibitions and competitions are some of the added advantages of the school that offers the best of a

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and is forever dedicated to provide for the holistic development of its students.


PG Program

Career Opportunities :

  •  Product Designer
  •  Packaging Designer
  •  Computer-Aided Design Technician